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6/27/19 Clyde's Amazing TKE TO: Michael H./Sarasota, FL "Knee Replacement Rehab" - Call Clyde or Text Direct 317.445.1477

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Clyde's TKEĀ® Terminal Knee Extender is an auto-adjusting knee traction device (FDA 87K--QZ). The TKE is used for clients who lack passive extension of the knee following: ACL reconstruction, total knee replacements, knee surgery, trauma, and/or amputations. Clyde's TKE allows patients to regain full extension through a simple, safe, and effective rehabilitation routine by stabilizing the knee and lifting the heel pneumatically. The self-adjusting TKE simulates how physicians and therapists test for knee flexion contractures. They will place one hand over the knee for stability and then simply pull up on the heel!

Clyde's TKE - Terminal Knee Extender Features

  • Simple to use, therefore patient compliance is high.
  • Simulates knee flexion contracture testing by stabilizing the knee and lifting the heel.
  • TKE's auto-adjusting PVC frame glides forward automatically as patient gains extension during treatment.
  • Deep TKE bolster keeps foot from rotating.
  • Lightweight PVC auto-adjust frame is light and portable for use during the workday.
  • Low-profile, easy to store away when not in use - easily wipes clean.
  • Simple to adjust stability strap.
  • A complimentary adjunct to physical therapy programs for patients with knee flexion contractures (extension loss).
  • Manufacturer warrants this product for one year against any defects in materials and workmanship.

A TKE 10 Minute Protocol

1. While lying down on a firm surface with the padded end of the device under the seat.

2. Place the heel in the foam riser then adjust the frame to the user's comfort  in extension.

3. Place the passive pressure strap just above the knee applying a firm downward pressure for the first two minutes.

4. Every two minutes inflate the pneumatic bladder under the heel with two puffs from the inflation bulb. The inflation elevates the heel naturally gliding the knee toward terminal extension.

The TKE protocol is generally performed three times per day for ten minutes per session until full extension is accomplished. NOTE: It can also be advantageous in overcoming longstanding extension problems to simply lengthen the application time. Always consult with your doctor or therapist, and follow their recommendations.

Available Sizes Universal size; can be used on both the right and left knee.

Current Testimonials from Questionnaire 
7/08/15 - "Yes it is! I was in the 30 degrees range when I started and just yesterday I got to 8 degrees. I don't feel I would have got this far without it. Thank you. " Tom P./Monee, IL


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