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Clyde's RX1 Blade fpr Morton's Neuroma Blade - Call Clyde or Text Direct 317.445.1477

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2019 RX1 Blade Neuroma Blades / NU
3/6 Linda D./Brownsville, Ontario "X1 Blade #7798" LOCATION: 3rd&4th TOES SPORT: WALKING MODEL: X1 GOBLADE NU


A neuroma's burning pain is caused by pressure on the sensory nerves coming from the toes caused by swelling in the toe joints and compression from the floor.

Ideal application

The RX1 Neuroma Blade┬« is a unique energy harvesting pressure relieving shoe insert. The RX1 Neuroma Blade┬« is designed to reduce pressure under the neuroma by using a special neuroma pocket built into the RX1 Blade itself. The RX1 BLADE Neuroma Blade alleviates the forefoot pressure directly under the neuroma causing the burning pain and helps  heal the neuroma. The RX1 Neuroma Blade may even lead to not having to have the neuroma removed surgically. Clyde


neuroma pain
burning sensation in the forefoot

Features and Benefits

    *Each RX1 Blade is hand-crafted and inspected to insure the highest quality.

    * Contoured foot design induces more natural stride and reduces sympathetic stress to the opposite leg.
    * Reduces risk of foot injuries caused by inflexible steel inserts or rigid carbon graphite plates.
    * Does not restrict active motion like rigid steel inserts and inflexible carbon graphite spring lite plates.
 * Feather-light (.07 oz.) stiletto thin (.04") - can be placed under an orthotic or worn in dress shoes.

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