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Clyde's Remarkable X1 Blade "Popper" for Bunion Pain - Custom Made

Price: From $69.99 to $119.95

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Avoid expensive surgical procedures and cheap toe guards that won't correct the problem. Improve your quality of life and actively reduce bunion pain with Clyde's handcrafted X1 Blade® Popper.


The lightweight composite insert relieves bunion pain by decreasing the stress of the extension moment at toe off; minimizing pressures at the site of bunion pain.

The Popper allows you to relax the affected great toethe site of swelling, soreness, and discomfort.

By encouraging a more normal gait pattern, the Popper also helps reduce the risk of developing compensatory problems such as knee and hip pain which can be the result of a bunion.


hallux valgus (bunion)


* Fabricated by hand insures maximum relief at site of bunion pain

* Contoured shape induces sympathetic stress to opposite foot

Does not limit entire foot

*Feather light (.07 oz) and remarkabaly thin (.04") eliminates need for a balancing orthotic on opposite foot





I acquired a pair of the inserts with the popper effect. I was having problems with my left great toe; I have an early bunion starting there and when I do yoga it makes it very difficult to do many of the positions that require you to be on your toes especially anything that puts you in extension at the great toe joint. So I started using the poppers and I can do it pain free. I can do lunges which I had given up because I wasn’t able to push off from that extension moment at the great toe and I’ve noticed if I wear them in my shoes either in clinic or doing work around my farm on rough ground there’s a lot less pain in my great toe at the end of the day. So I’ve been recommending them to some of my patients. 

Paula D. Henry, PT

First Choice Physical Therapy

Muncie, IN

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