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Clyde's X1 Blade Morton's Foot Orthotic - Custom Made

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Published on Feb 4, 2016

Rx: 2/1/16 X1 Blade Orthotic - Morton's Foot/Toe Insert

Diagnosis: Second toe longer than Big toe - excessive pressure on second metatarsal head.

Plan: Fabricate composite structure to fit into shoe that relieves pressure on second metatarsal head. Use standard fabrication techniques the create a light and flexible insert the includes a relief pocket under second ray.

Sx: Order received 2/1/16 6:00 PM via our website Shipped USPS Priority 02/03/16 to Bronx, NY Expect delivery in 2 - 3 days.

FU: email customer satisfaction questionnaire on 02/12/16.

Clyde Peach, CO

2017 Orders:

8/26/17 Martin J./Leesburg, VA "X1 Blade #7546 & 7547" INJURY: MORTON'S FOOT SPORT: WALKING X1 MODEL: MF2R