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Measurement A: Inside ear to ear across tip of nose.*
Measurement B: Between eyebrows down to tip of nose.*
Measurement C: Between eyebrows up to hairline.*
Measurement D: Jaws Model Only: Tip of nose to bottom of chin
Measurement E: Jaws Model Only: Inside ear to TMJ Joint


Clyde's Custom Hoosier Face Masks (shipped last 12 months): 
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MARK S./MANHATTAN, IL "ONLINE ORDER 1/17/18" STAT (Nose Injury/soccer/Hoosier model/LDP BLACK) -
HUSSEIN Al O./Muscat, Oman (repeat order) "Online Order 1/16/18"  STAT (broken nose/wrestling/MadrId model/LDP black) - University of Denver/Denver, CO "Online Order 1/15/18" STAT (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/ DuPont Surlyn clear) - Fredrick B./Jefferstown, KY "Online Order 1/13/18" STAT (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Marc T./Omaha, NE "Online Order 1/13/18" STAT (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Dominican University/San Rafael, CA "Online Order 1/11/18" (lower jaw fracture/basketball/Jaws model/DuPont Surlyn clear) Polly F./Waco, TX "Online Order 1/8/18" (orbit fracture left/soccer/Raptor model/LDP black) - Anthony H./Cheraw, SC "Online Order 1/7/178" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/DuPont Surlyn clear) Jose E./Trenton, NJ "Online Order 1/4/18" STAT (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/LDP black) -  Nancy O./Jackson, MS "Online Order 1/3/18" STAT (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/LDP black) -  Heidi B./Hillsborough, NC "Online Order 1/2/18" STAT (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Hussein Al O./Muscat, Oman "Online Order 1/2/18" (broken nose/jiu jitsu/Hoosier model LDP black) - Macalester College/Saint Paul, MN "Online Order 12/29/17" STAT (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/DuPont Surlyn clear) -  University of South Dakota/Vermillion, SD STAT "Online Order 12/26/17" STAT (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - John M./Saugus, MA "Online Order 12/22/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Alexus S./Dallas, TX "Online Order 12/18/17" STAT (broken nose w/orbit fracture/basketball/Raptor model/LDP black) - Julie H./Crawfordsville, IN "Online Order 12/15/17" STAT (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/LDP black) - Dustin M./Metamora, MI "Online Order 12/13/17" STAT (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - University of St. Francis/Joliet, IL "Online Order 12/12/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Youngstown State U./Youngstown, OH "Online Order 12/12/17" STAT (broken nose'/basketball/Hoosier model/DuPont Surlyn clear- DePauw U./Greencastle, IN "Online Order 12/9/17" STAT (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Stacie P./Chicopee, MA "Online Order 12/8/17" STAT (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Mark O./Price UT "Online Order 12/7/17" STAT (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/DuPont Surlyn) - Worcester Polytechnic Institute/Worcester, MA "Online Order 12/1/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/DuPont Surlyn clear) -  Chris M./Huntsville, AL "Online Order 11/28/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/DuPont Surlyn clear) -  Leonard D./Millstone , NJ "Online Order 11/25/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/LDP black) -  Tonia P./Perry, IA "Online Order 11/20/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/DuPont Surlyn clear) -  Lakeland Magic "Online Order 11/16/17" (broken nose/NBA basketball/Hoosier model/ DuPont Surlyn clear) - New Jersey Institute of Technology/Newark, NJ "Online Order 11/15/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/DuPont Surlyn clear) -  Christy C./Tom Beam, TX "Online Order 11/15/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/ DuPonr Surlyn clear)Jennifer S./Ballwin, MO "Online Order 11/12/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - James G./Weatherford, TX "Online Order 11/9/17" (broken nose/basketball/baseball/Hoosier model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Angela F./Minden, LA "Online Order 11/8/17" (broken nose/soccer/Raptor model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Joe B./Elk Grove, CA "Online Order 11/8/17" (facial fx's/soccer/Raptor model/LDP black) - Independence Community College/Independence, KS "Online Order 11/1/17 STAT" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Deanna M./Paoli, IN "Online Order 10/30/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Stephanie W./Big Creek, CA "Online Order 10/29/17" (facial fx/water polo/Raptor model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Mackenzie K./Herndon, VA "Online Order 10/26/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/DuPonr Surlyn clear) - Cesar S./Las Vegas, NM "Online Order 10/23/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Jaymie O./Murfreesboro, TN "Online  Order 10/19/17" (lower left orbit fx/basketball/Raptor model/DuPont Surlyn clear)- Roanoke College/Salem VA "Online Order 10/17/17" (cheek fracture/basketball/Raptor model/DuPont Surlyn clear) Jose D./Leonardtown, MD "Online Order 10/16/17 STAT" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/LDP black) Renee P./Eugene, OR "Online Order 10/16/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/Dupont Surlyn clear) - Gary E./Media, PA "Online Order 10/14/17 STAT" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/ DuPont Surlyn clear) - Thomas D./San Diego, CA "Online Order 10/14/17" (maxillary fractures/basketball/Jaws model/DuPont Surlyn clear) -  Frank L./Kennet Square, PA "Online Order 10/8/17 STAT" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/black LDP) - North Central H.S./Indianapolis, IN "Online Order STAT 10/6/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Oklahoma City Energy/Oklahoma City, Oklahoma "Online Order STAT 10/4/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/ DuPont Surlyn clear) - Western Carolina U./Cullowhee, NC "Online Order 10/2/17" (orbit fracture/soccer/Raptor model/DuPont Surlyn clear) -Maryville College/Maryville, TN "Online Order 9/27/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Nicolas C./Toronto, Canada "Online Order 9/15/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Lucas Z./Sun Valley, CA "Online Order 9/14/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/DuPont Surlyn clear) -Terry D./Temecula, CA "Online Order 9/14/17" (daughter's broken nose/basketball/Raptor model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Saudi Natl's/Riyadh, Saudi Arabia "Online Order 9/13/17" (player's broken nose/soccer/Hoosier model/Dupont Surlyn clear) - Saudi Natl's/Riyadh, Saudi Arabia "Online Order 9/12/17" (player's orbit & nasal fracture left/soccer/Raptor model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - St. Francis U./Loretto, PA "Online Order 9/11/17" (player's broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/LDP black) - Geoffrey B./South Point, OH "Online Order 9/11/17" (son's orbit fracture left/basketball/Raptor model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Andrew H./Fayetteville, AR "STAT Online Order 9/11/17" (daughter's broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Babson College/Wellesley Hills, MA "Online Order 9/10/17" ( players broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/LDP black)  New Mexico Highlands U./Las Vegas, NM "Online Order 9/8/17"  (player's broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/DuPont Surlyn clear)  - Michael G./Tahlequah, OK "Online Order 9/7/17" (son's broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/LDP Black) - Johnson State College/Johnson, VT "Online Order 9/5/17" (daughter's broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Marco D./Summit, NJ "Online Order 8/31/17" (daughter's broken nose/soccer/ Madrid model/ LDP black) -  Oliver W./Toronto, Ontario, Canada "Online Order 8/31/17" (son's broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/Dupont Surlyn clear) - Joan S./Milton, Ontario Canada "Online Order 8/28/17" (daughter's broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/LDP black) - Wright State U./Dayton, OH "Online Order 8/28/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Bill E./Russell, KY "Online Order 8/27/17" (son's broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Roy D./Demarest, NJ "Online Order 8/26/17" (son's broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/LDP black) - Cory H./Visalia, CA "Online Order 8/19/17" (son's lower left jaw fracture/soccer/Jaws model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Tim A./Towson, MD "Online Order 8/17/17 STAT" (son's broken nose w/orbit fx right/soccer/Raptor model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Indiana University/Bloomington, IN "Online Order 8/17/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Cole W./Cannonsburg, PA "Online Order 8/16/17" (orbit fx left/basketball/Raptor model/LDP black) - Jeff P/Mount Sterling, KY "Online Order 8/13/17" (son's broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/LDP black) - Chase B./Los Angeles, CA "Online Order 8/10/17" (son's broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/LDP black) - Timothy P./Pacifica, CA "Online Order 8/1/17" (son's broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/LDP black) - Christopher Q./Bellingham, WA "Online Order STAT 7/27/27" (daughter's broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/LDP black) - Andrew H./Belle Mead, NJ "Online Order STAT 7/27/17" (son's broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/DuPont Surlyn clear)  - Kyle W./Carson City, NV "Online Order 7/26/17" (daughter's broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/LDP black) - Gregg W./Durham, NC "Online Order 7/26/17" (son's cheek fx/basketball/Raptor model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Tom O./Louisville, KY
"Online Order 7/25/17" (son's broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/ DuPont Surlyn clear) - Jon F./Gas City, IN "Online Order 7/24/17"  (daughter's broken nose w/ orbit fx/basketball/Raptor model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Lia L./Saunderstown, RI "Online Order 7/16/17" (son's broken nose w/facial fx/all sports/Raptor model/DuPont Surlyn clear) - Bryan B./Camas, WA "Online Order 7/15/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/LDP black) - Kyle W./Carson City, UT "Online Order 7/11/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/LDP black) - Erlene H.'s (son)/Hartwell, GA "Online Order 6/27/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model/LDP black) - Jackie A.'s (daughter)/Highland, IN "Online Order 6/26/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/LDP black) - Anthony D.'s (daughter)/Bethelehem, PA "Online Order 6/26/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model/LDP black) - Misti J's.(son)/Neosho, MO "Online Order STAT 6/24/17" (broken nose w/ left orbit fracture/soccer/Raptor model/Dupont Surlyn/clear) Cole R's.(son)/Toronto, CA "Online Order STAT 6/23/17" (orbit fracture left/soccer/Raptor Model/ LDP black) - Amy O's (son) "Online Order 6/21/17 STAT" (orbit fracture/all sports/Raptor model/ DuPont Surlyn/clear) -  Harald W./Redmond, WA "Online Order STAT 6/19/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid Soccer Model/ LDP Black) - Oliver C./Toronto, Canada "Online Order 6/18/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier Basketball Model/ DuPont Surlyn clear) - Betty R./Portland, OR "Online Order 6/15/17" (broken nose/basketball Hoosier Basketball Model / DuPont Surlyn clear) - Rich Martin/Jenison, MI "Online Order 6/11/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier Basketball Model / Dupont Surlyn clear) - Joshua W./VirginiaBeach, VA "Online Order 6/10/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid soccer model) - Marne W./West Haven, UT "Online Order 6/5/17 Madrid Soccer Model" - Korrie T-H/Appleton, WI "Online Order 5/23/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model LDP black)  - Chloe G./Portland, OR (broken nose w/ facial fracture/soccer/Raptor model Dupont Surlyn clear) - Tiara W./Indianapolis, IN "Online Order 5/22/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model LDP black) - Robert H./Louisville, KY "Online Order 5/22/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model Dupont Surlyn clear) - Christen D./Brighton, CO "Online Order 5/19/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model LDP black) - Andrew N./Ann Arbor, MI "Online Order 5/15/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model LDP black) - William A./Mechanicsville, VA "Online Order 5/9/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model LDP black) - Samantha K./Rocklin, CA "Online Order 4/26/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model Dupont Surlyn clear) -  Ellie T.E./Louisville, TN "Online Order 4/25/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model Dupont Surlyn clear) - Ander Singh/San Diego, CA "Online Order 4/23/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model Dupont Surlyn clear) - Noah R./Lawrenceville, GA "Online Order 4/22/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model LDP Black) - Anders J./Roskilde, Denmark "Online Order 4/19/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model LDP Black -  Tigres UANL/Monterrey, Mexico "Online Order 4/19/17 STAT" (broken nose/professional soccer/Madrid model Dupont Surlyn clear) - James R./Brandon, MS "Online Order 4/14/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid Model LDP Black) - Marrirose K./Saint Charles, IL "Online Order 4/11/17" (jaw surgery/all sports/Jaws Model - Dupont Surlyn clear) -    Mercer University/Macon, GA "Online Order 4/10/17" (orbit fracture left-/baseball/Raptor model -Dupont Surlyn clear) -  Amy S./Elmhurst, IL "Online Order 4/2/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model clear Dupont Surlyn) - Kristine F./Minneapolis, MN "Online Order 4/1/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model - Dupont Surlyn clear) -  Suzanne W./Bolingbrook, IL "Online Order 3/31/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model - DuPont Surlyn clear) - Joseph P./Seogwipo Jeju, Republic of Korea "Online Order 3/26/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model black) - Andrew W./Richland Center, WI "Online Order 3/25/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model black) - Rhett P./Castle Rock, CO "Online Order 3/21/17" (broken nose/baseball/Madrid model clear) - Megan B./Cleveland, OH "Online Order 3/21/17" ( orbit fracture/basketball/Raptor model clear) - Brent D./Winnetka, IL "STAT Online Order 3/20/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model Dupont Surlyn clear) - Marina K./Glendale, CA "Online Order 3/18/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model clear) - Michael Y./Chantilly, VA "Online Order 3/13/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model black) - Jamie P./Monrovia, CA "Online Order 3/12/17" (broken nose/cheering/Madrid model clear) - Anette K. (for son) / Austin, TX "STAT Online Order 3/8/17" (broken nose/baseball/Hoosier model clear) -  Betty H. (for daughter) / Daniels, WV "STAT Online Order 3/1/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model black ) - Jennifer I./Wood Cross, UT "Online Order 2/28/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model clear) - Jacksonville U./Jacksonville, FL "Online Order 2/28/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model clear) - Samuel S./Nashville, TN "Online Order 2/23/17" (broken nose/baseball/Hoosier model clear) - Morgan H./Rutherfordton, NC "Online Order 2/21/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model black) - Jonathan D./Lake Oswego, OR "STAT Online Order 2/15/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid mask black) - Jennifer D./Seattle, WA " STAT Online Order 2/15/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid mask black) - Matt S./Devonport, Tasmania "Online Order 2/12/17" (broken nose/basketball/Madrid mask black) - Isabella V./ San Marcos, CA "Online Order 2/11/17" (broken nose/ water polo / Madrid mask black) - Megan Z./West Chester, PA "Online Order 2/6/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid mask black) - Jason H./Mobile, AL "Online Order 2/6/17" (broken nose with orbit fracture/baseball/Raptor model clear) - Carlos S./Dayton, OH "Online Order  2/4/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model black) - Gina E./Ormond Beach, FL "Order Online STAT 2/3/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model clear) - Glen A./Katy, TX "Online Order STAT 2/2/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model clear) - American Orthopedic/Lafayette, IN "Online Order STAT 2/1/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model clear) - Ray W./Oxford, OH "Online Order STAT 1/31/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model clear) - Delmar S./Scott Depot, WV "Online Order 1/29/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model clear) - Thomas B./Red House, WV "Online Order 1/27/17" (broken nose/basketball/Black Hoosier model clear) - Adrian P./Roma, TX "Online Order 1/27/17" (upper jaw fracture/basketball/Clear Jaws model) - Amond C./Pompano Beach, FL "Online Order 1/27/17" (orbit fracture/basketball/Raptor model) - Dave B./Henderson, CO "Online Order 1/19/17" (broken nose/soccer/Black Madrid model black) - Dawn K./Bloomington, IN "Online Order 1/18/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model) - Lesli D./Roanoke, TX "Online Order 1/18/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model)  - Billi W./West Des Moines, IA "Online Order 1/17/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model) - Valicia R./Pensacola, FL "Online Order 1/12/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model) / Jacksonville U. - West Virginia U. - Jacksonville U. -  Cabot H.S.-  Pineville H.S. -  Harlem Globetrotters  Hamilton College- Humber College- Boston College -   Miami University-  U. 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Questions? Text Message Clyde @ 317-445-1475 or Call Clyde - 1-800-253-6217


 Hoosier Basketball Model - Custom Made  for Broken Nose Only 

Raptor Combination Model - Custom Made for Combination Broken Nose & Facial Fractures

Madrid Soccer Model - Custom Made for Broken Nose Only 

Jaws Model - Custom Made for TMJ, Cheek and Lower Jaw Fractures

Strapping for all Clyde's Masks - YouTube Video

Each of Clyde's face masks are individually fabricated by measurement. Clyde Peach, CO has over 30 years experience fabricating custom made face masks for athletes. The Hoosier Model is a custom fabricated mask for broken noses only.  The Raptor Model is fabricated to protect combination fractures (broken nose with facial fractures,etc.) or facial fractures only. The Madrid Soccer Model is a custom fabricated mask for broken noses only. The Jaws Model  is a custom fabricated mask made from measurements for TMJ, cheek or lower jaw fractures.

 All Clyde's clear masks are made using DuPont patented Surlyn®. Surlyn® is an impact resistant plastic that will not break or shatter during competition unlike brittle polycarbonate used in most off-the-shelf masks. Surlyn also shapes naturally to an athletes face that eliminates unnatural protrusions that could injure other players.

 Each of Clyde's masks eliminates the comfort and vision problems of off-the-shelf t-shaped and bulky full shaped face masks. Each model is ideal protection for basketball, wrestling, karate, baseball, soccer, volleyball, sailing and other sports.  All Clyde's masks are lined with comfortable Moleskin bumper pads. Cheek and forehead straps are fully adjustable and provide custom, secure fit. Easily wipes clean. Hoosier Clyde's face masks include mask, straps, extra felt bumper padding, and instructions.

Important: Regular mask orders received before 12 noon EST usually ship within 24 - 48 hours*.
* Stat Orders Received Before Noon EST Ship Same Day - additional cost



Measurement A: Inside of ear across tip of nose to inside of ear.*
Measurement B: Top of forehead to tip of nose.*
Pictures are helpful for orbit fractures detailing fracture site.
*Measurements are used as helpful guidelines and will not match  final mask dimensions exactly.

YouTube Video of Hoosier Model Variations - Hoosier - Gladiator (Raptor) - Milan (Madrid)

Recent Testimonials Contact

"Online Order 2/19/16" (Madrid Model/broken nose only/soccer) -
2/25/16 Comments or Questions: Ref Ord #5695. I just wanted to thank you for processing and shipping my son's face mask so quickly. His nose was shattered in the last 2 minutes of the High School State Semifinal Soccer game on Thursday 18 Feb and it was very unlikely he would be able to play the State Championship with the injury. I ordered the Milan Mask on Saturday evening and you guys shipped it promptly Monday. We received the mask Wednesday noon just in time for 1 afternoon practice to test the mask. My son was able to play Midfielder position all 80:00 of the High School State Championship game and even use his head as if he had no injury. The mask performed exceptionally and the team was able to overcome a 2-0 halftime defecit with goals at 14:00, 5:00, and 3:00 remaining to capture their first State Title since 2001. I cannot completely express my gratitude for your part in enabling my son to be a part of that. I also ordered a 'cheap' "one size fits all" mask just in case and there was NO COMPARISON! Your mask was much more comfortable and field of vision was incredible. Worth every penny. Thanks again. Feel free to use this email as a sincere recommendation of your product