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Price: From $159.00 to $199.00
Manufacturer: Clyde Peach

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What is the injury?*
Measurement A: Inside ear to ear across tip of nose.*
Measurement B: Top of forehead to tip of nose.*

Clyde's Hoosier Face Masks (shipped last 12 months) to:

Lisa M./Caldwell, NJ "Online Order 10/16/14 8:52 AM" (Hoosier Low Profile Model/broken nose only/cheerleading) - Debbie M./Wildwood, FL "Online Order 10/15/14 2:58 PM" (Hoosier Low Profile Model/broken nose only/basketball) - Harlem Wizards/Secaucus, NJ "Online Order 10/15/14 10:03 AM" (Hoosier Low Profile Model/broken nose only/basketball) - Robert V./Clovis, CA "Online Order 10/14/14 6:04 PM" (Milan Model/broken nose only/soccer) - Lisa W./Woodstock, VA "Online Order 10/03/14 8:43 PM" (Hoosier Low Profile Model/broken nose only/cheerleading) - Richie K./Fayetteville, NC "Online Order 09/30/14 4:17 PM" (Milan Model/broken nose only/soccer) - Michael C./Ericeira, Portugal "Online Order 09/29/14 11:50 AM" (Gladiator Model/broken nose w/ facial fx's/basketball) - Luke C./Chappaqua, NY "Online Order 09/29/14 11:10 AM" (Gladiator Model/broken nose w/facial fx's/soccer) - Marcus M./Aliso Viejo, CA "Online Order 09/24/14 2:54 PM" (Hoosier Low Profile Model/broken nose only/basketball) - Randall W./Orlando, FL "Online Order 09/22/14 10:55 AM" (Hoosier Low Profile Model/broken nose only/basketball) - Northern Kentucky University/Highland Heights, KY "Online Order 09/22/14 9:48 AM" (Hoosier Low Profile Model/broken nose w/ orbit fracture/soccer) - Lane M./Bradenton, FL "Online Order 09/21/14 5:56 PM" (Hoosier Low Profile Model/broken nose only/basketball) - Ainslee L./Natick, MA "Online Order 09/17/14 11:11 AM" (Hoosier Low Profile Model/broken nose only/field hockey) - Vanessa L./East Hampton, NY "Online Order 09/16/14 10:07 AM" (Milan Model/broken nose only/soccer) - Angela P./Murrysville, PA "Online Order 09/08/14 11:56 AM" (Hoosier Low Profile Model/broken nose only/soccer) - Kathleen W./Granger, IN "Online Order 09/08/14 5:03 PM" (Milan Model/broken nose only/soccer) - Jordan R./Roslyn Heights, NY "Online Order 09/05/14 1:00 AM" (Gladiator Model/broken nose with facial fx's/soccer) - Deborah C./University of Louisville "Online Order 08/27/14 7:55 AM" (Hoosier Low Profile Model/broken nose only/basketball) - David R./Walnut Creek, CA "Online Order 08/24/14 2:15 PM" (Gladiator Model/ broken nose with facial fx's/cheerleading) - Carolyn W./Westfield, IN "Online Order 07/21/14 1:04 PM" (Milan Model/broken nose only/soccer) - Derrick G./Metaline, WA "Online Order 06/20/14 8:55 PM" (Gladiator Model/broken nose with orbit fracture/basketball) - Northern Kentucky University/Highland Heights, KY "Online Order 06/20/14 10:20 AM" (Hoosier Low Profile Model/orbit fracture/soccer - Jennifer S./Littleton, CO "Online Order 06/16/14 7:57 PM" (Hoosier Low Profile Model/broken nose only/basketball) - Merrin M./Sugar Land, TX "Online Order 06/09/14 6:33 PM" (Gladiator Model/broken nose with facial fx's/basketball) - Jeremy S./Raleigh, NC "Online Order 06/04/14 9:58 PM" (Hoosier Low Profile Model/broken nose only/basketball) - Virginia M./Ocean View, NJ "Online Order 05/28/14 6:52 PM" (Milan Model/broken nose only/soccer) - Tim W./Fairview, PA "Online Order 05/28/14 4:17 PM" (Milan Model/broken nose only/soccer) - Tamara B./Sea Girt, NJ "Online Order 05/26/14 9:54 PM" (Hoosier Low Profile Model/broken nose only/cheerleading) - Andy L./Cambridge, MA "Online Order 05/23/14 10:01 AM" (Hoosier Low Profile Model/broken nose only/basketball) - Lance R./Morganville, NJ "Online Order 05/16/14 7:01 PM" (Hoosier Low Profile Model/broken nose only/basketball) - Julie M./Perry, OH "Online Order 05/12/14 9:10 PM" (Milan Model/broken nose only/soccer) - Jenny L./Carlock, IL "Online Order 05/05/14 12:32 PM" (Hoosier Low Profile Model/broken nose only/baseball) - Shawn L./Mandeville, LA "Online Order 05/03/14 9:34 PM" (Hoosier Low Profile Model/broken nose only/volleyball) - Antoine S./Charleston, SC "Online Order 04/29/14 9:55 AM" (Hoosier Low Profile Model/broken nose only/basketball) - Willie C./Cream Ridge, NJ "Online Order 04/26/14 11:23 AM" (Hoosier Low Profile Model/broken nose only/soccer) - Preston C./Princeton, TX. "Online Order 04/09/14 12:30 PM" (Gladiator Model/broken nose w/orbit fracture/baseball) - Sam C./Huntington Beach, CA. "Online Order 03/30/14 1:23 PM" (Hoosier Low Profile Model/broken nose only/basketball) - William A./Bainbridge Island, WA. "Online Order 03/26/14 1:03 AM" (Hoosier Low Profile Model/broken nose only/baseball) -
Notre Dame University
/South Bend, In "Online Order 3/24/14 5:08 PM" (Hoosier Low Profile Model/broken nose only/soccer) - Shorter University/Rome, GA "Online Order 03/17/14 2:29 PM" (Hoosier Low Profile Model/broken nose/soccer - Timothy C./Northville, MI "Online Order 03/08/14 12:20 AM" (Milan model/broken nose/soccer) - David M./Phoenixville, PA "Online Order 03/05/14 9:17 PM" (OTS Model/broken nose/basketball) - Jovy-Jane S./Temecula, CA "Online Order 03/04/14 9:38 AM" (Hoosier Model/orbit fracture/basketball) - Debbie R./Cedar Grove, NJ "Online Order 02/28/14 6:39 PM" (OTS model/broken nose/basketball) - Robin G./Xenia, OH "Online Order 02/22/14 11:06 AM" (Milan Model/broken nose only/soccer) - Roslyn L./Boca Raton, FL "Online Order 02/21/14 3:19 PM" (Hoosier Model/facial fracture/basketball) - Robert H./Harrisburg, IL "Online Order 02/18/14 11:48 AM" (OTS Model/broken nose/basketball) - Aurora High School/Aurora,NE "Online Order 02/17/14 4:54 PM" (OTS Model/broken nose/basketball) -  University of Louisville/Louisville, KY "Online Order 02/17/14 4:24 PM"(OTS Model/broken nose/baseball) - James Island Charter High School/Charleston, S.C. "Online Order 02/14/14 9:04 AM" )OTS Model/broken nose/soccer) - Todd S./Marengo, OH "Online Order 02/09/14 11:00 AM" (Milan model/broken nose/basketball) - Zachary S./Baltimore, MD. "Online Order 02/03/14 2:43 PM" (OTS model/broken nose/basketball) - Allen County Community College/Iona, KS "Online Order 1/30/14 5:06 PM" (OTS model/nasal fracture/basketball) - Becker Orthotics & Prosthetics/Grand Blanc, MI "Online Order 1/29/14 4:00 PM" (Milan model/broken nose/basketball) - Toronto Raptors/Toronto, Canada "Online Order 01/28/14 3:45 PM" (OTS Model/broken nose/basketball) - Franklin College/Franklin, IN "Online Order 01/25/14 8:30 AM" (OTS model/broken nose/basketball) - Kimberly H./Ward, AR "Online Order 01/24/14 3:24 PM" (OTS model/broken nose/basketball) - American Orthotics & Prosthetics/Lafayette, IN "Online Order 01/22/14" (OTS Model/broken nose/basketball) - Connie B./Fowler, IN "Online Order 1/20/14 5:37 PM" (OTS model/broken nose/basketball) - Spring Hill College/Mobile, AL "Online Order 01/11/14 9:54 PM" (OTS model/broken nose/basketball) - Franklin College/Franklin, IN "Online Order 01/10/14 3:51 PM" (OTS Model/broken nose/basketball) - Mercer University/Macon, GA "Online Order 01/06/14 9:40 AM" (OTS Model/broken nose/basketball) - Mercer University / Macon, GA "Online Order 01/02/14 9:46 AM" (OTS model/broken nose/basketball) - David S./Southern View, IL "Online Order 12/27/13 10:43 AM" (OTS model/broken nose/basketball) Innovative Prosthetics & Orthotics/Hastings, NE "Online Order 12/27/13 9:05 AM" (OTS Model/broken nose only/basketball) - Joseph S./E. Northport, NY "Online Order 12/26/13 4:38 PM" (OTS Model/broken nose/basketball) - Nanette D./Milford, UT "Online Order 12/23/13 7:36 PM" (OTS Model/broken nose/basketball) - Glenn G./Detroit, MI "Online Order 12/23/13 5:53 PM" (Hoosier Model/orbit fx left side/basketball) - University of Northwestern/Roseville, MN "Online Order 12/19/13 11:51AM" (Milan model/broken nose only/basketball) - Alison G./Encinitas, CA "Online Order 12/17/13 8:15 PM" (OTS model/broken nose with orbit fracture/basketball,soccer) - James D./Champaign, IL "Online Order 12/16/13 9:49 PM" (OTS model/broken nose only/basketball) - Donna L./Ocoee, FL "Online Order 12/15/13 7:58 PM" (OTS Model/broken nose/basketball) - Cathy M./Belconnen, Australia "Online Order 12/12/13 9:39 PM" (OTS Model/broken nose/basketball) - Stacey S./Collingwood, TN "Online Order 12/11/13 8:35 PM" (OTS Model/broken nose/basketball)  James T./Clarksville, VA "Online Order 12/6/13 6:19 PM" (OTS/broken nose/basketball) - Sherri E./Henrico, VA "Online Order 12/06/13 10:34 AM" (OTS Model/broken nose/basketball) - Joanne P./Buffalo, NY with East Coast O&P "Online Order 12/05/13 2:00 PM" (OTS model/broken nose/basketball) - Midwest Orthotics & Prosthetics/South Bend, IN "Online Order 12/04/13 4:13 PM" (Hoosier model/orbit fx left side/basketball) - Joseph M./South Hampton, NY "Called Clyde to Place Order 12/04/13 1:28 PM" (OTS Model/Broken Nose Only/Basketball) - Eric F./ Sheridan, WY - Wyoming Rehab " Online Order 12/03/13 7:09 PM" (OTS model/Broken Nose Only/Basketball) - Ellington, CT "Online Order 12/02/13 12:04 PM" (OTS model/Broken Nose Only/Basketball) - Alexandria, VA "Online Order 12/01/13 8:27 PM" (OTS Model/Broken Nose Only/Basketball) - Calumet, OK "Online Order 12/01/13 3:55 PM" (Hoosier model/Broken Nose Only/Basketball) - Chicago, IL "Online Order 11/28/13 11:54 AM" (OTS model/Broken Nose/Professional Soccer) - Klein, TX "Online Order 11/26/13 2:16 PM" (OTS model/Broken Nose/Soccer) - Garden City, KS "Online Order 11/26/13 4:28 PM" (Hoosier Model/Orbit Fracture/Basketball) - Noblesville, IN "Online Order 11/26/13 12:22 PM" (Hoosier Model/Orbit Fracture/Basketball) - Jacksonville, IL "Online Order 11/22/13 5:01 PM" (Hoosier Model/Broken Nose w/Orbit Fracture/Basketball) - Savanna, IL "Online Order 11/20/13 7:29 AM" (OTS Model/Orbit Fracture Only/Basketball) - Upper Arlington, OH "Online Order 11/19/13 9:31 AM" (OTS Model/Broken Nose Only/Basketball) - Cullom, IL "Online Order 11/18/13 9:38 PM" (OTS Model/Broken Nose Only/Basketball) - Mount Pleasant, SC "Online Order 11/18/13 7:09 PM" (Hoosier Model/Broken Nose Only/Soccer) - Niles, MI "Online Order 11/18/13 4:53 PM" (OTS Model/Broken Nose Only/Soccer) - Chicago, IL "Online Order 11/18/13 11:42 PM" (OTS Model/Broken Nose Only/Basketball) - Benton, KY "Online Order 11/16/13 4:25 PM" (OTS Model/Broken Nose Only/Basketball) - Corfu, NY "Online Order 11/16/13 3:38 PM" (Milan Model/Broken Nose Only/Basketball) - Northwest University / Kirkland, WA "Online Order 11/14/13 11:05 PM" (Hoosier Model/ Broken Nose Only/Soccer) - Ft. Stockton, TX "Online Order 11/13/13 2:43 PM" (Milan Model/Broken Nose Only/Basketball) - Ft. Stockton, TX "Online Order 11/13/13 2:43 PM" (Hoosier Model/Broken Nose Only/Basketball) -  Newburgh, IN "Online Order 11/07/13 11:33 AM" (OTS Model/Broken Nose Only/Basketball) - Indianapolis, IN "Online Order 11/05/13 8:13 PM" (OTS Model/Broken Nose Only/Basketball) - Macomb, IL "Online Order 11/05/13 12:02 PM" (OTS Model/Broken Nose Only/Basketball) - Springfield Gardens, NY "Online Order 10/26/13 7:07 AM" (OTS Model/Broken Nose Only/Basketball) - East Setauket, NY "Online Order 10/20/13 12:46 PM" (OTS Model/Broken Nose Only/Soccer) - Chance, MD "Online Order 10/19/13 4:27 PM" (OTS Model/Broken Nose Only/Soccer) - Pearland, TX "Online Order 10/17/13 5:06 PM" (Milan Model/Broken Nose Only/Basketball) - Southwestern Oklahoma State University "Online Order 10/17/13 4:49 PM" (OTS Model/Broken Nose Only/Basketball) - Spring, TX "Online Order 10/16/13 5:29 PM" (OTS Model/Broken Nose Only/Basketball) - Parker, CO "Online Order 10/16/13 4:36 PM" (OTS Model/Broken Nose Only/Basketball) - Indiana University "Online Order 10/15/13 3:52 PM" (OTS Model/Broken Nose Only/Soccer) - Costa Mesa, CA "Online Order 10/14/13 4:05 PM" (OTS Model/Broken Nose Only/Basketball) - Sugarland, TX "Online Order 10/09/13 6:53 PM" (OTS Model/Broken Nose Only/Basketball) -Butler University "Order dated 10/09/13" (OTS Models/Broken Nose Only/Basketball) - Arab, AL "Online Order 10/07/13 9:11 PM" (OTS Model/Broken Nose Only/Basketball) - Houston, TX "Online Order 10/07/13 5:43 PM" (OTS Model/Broken Nose Only/Basketball) - Hampstead, QC, Canada "Online Order 10/06/13 10:57 PM" (OTS Model/Broken Nose Only/Basketball) - Waxahachie, TX "Online Order 10/06/16 2:54 PM" (Hoosier Model/Orbit Fracture Only/Volleyball) - Denver, CO "Online Order 10/05/15 10:33 AM" (OTS Model/Broken Nose Only/Soccer) - Louisville, KY "Online Order 10/02/13 11:40 AM" (OTS Model/Broken Nose Only/Soccer) - Ridgefield, CT "Online Order 10/01/13 6:48 PM" (OTS Model/Broken Nose Only/Soccer) University of Utah  -Northwest Nazarene U Indiana University Basketball    -    Chicago State U.  -  University of Pittsburgh Marion University - Indiana University Water Polo - Luther College  - Northern Kentucky University

Questions? Text Message Clyde @ 317-445-1475 or Call Clyde - 1-800-253-6217


 Hoosier Model - Custom Made for Broken Nose Only - $159

  Gladiator Model - Custom Made for Combination Broken Nose & Facial Fractures -  $179

 NEW! Milan model - "red background" Custom Made for Broken Nose Only - $199

   Piston Model - Custom Made from Cast - Please call 1-800-253-6217

Strapping for all Clyde's Masks - YouTube Video

  Each Hoosier face mask is hand-made by Clyde Peach, CO (Hoosier Clyde) who has over 30 years experience fabricating custom made face masks for athletes.
Hoosier Clyde's Hoosier Model is a custom mask made to measurment for broken noses only.  Hoosier Clyde's Gladiator Model is custom made to measurement and  protects combination fractures (broken nose with facial fractures,etc.) or facial fractures only. Hoosier Clyde's Milan Model made specifically for soccer is a custom mask for broken noses only. Hoosier Clyde's Piston Model is custom made from a cast. Each of Hoosier Clyde's masks eliminates the comfort and vision problems of off-the-shelf cruciform and bulky full shaped face masks. Each model is ideal protection for basketball, wrestling, karate, baseball, soccer, volleyball, sailing and other sports and is made with  high-impact resistant orthopedic grade plastic and orthopedic grade felt bumper padding. Cheek and forehead straps are fully adjustable and provide custom, secure fit. Easily wipes clean. Hoosier Clyde's face masks include mask, straps, extra felt padding, and instructions. Mask orders received before 12 noon EST usually ship same day.


Measurement A: Inside of ear across tip of nose to inside of ear.*
Measurement B: Top of forehead to tip of nose.*
Pictures are helpful for orbit fractures detailing fracture site.
*Measurements are used as helpful guidelines and will not match  final mask dimensions exactly.